Sunday, June 29, 2008

MOYC scandal Asif Shah and PULSAR....

well I'm writing is blog all over again had some stupid error.. well you guys all must have heard about celebrity's scandals and dirts from hollywood... but not from kollywood and the media in Nepal... well you've come to the right place. today I'm going to tell you a little story about a incident on air at image channel... you must all know the program called "Music of your Choice". The highest rated music show in nepal. and you must have all seen Mr. Asif shah on air.. if you don't know him. well lets just leave it at that then.. you'll know him a lil better after this blog.
It was about in dec 07 that he suddenly vanished from image channel... people didn't see him much on air... only on some music video with digitally tuned voice of his... you must all be wondering what happened that he disappeared from tv suddenly... he vanished after the announced the winner of the Pulsar Bike from the samsung coupon.. there were speculation that he rode the bike off and was never seen... but that wasn't it... the gig was rigged the prize winner was at the gate an hour before the program waiting for his bike to come out... usually the aired program is never recorded but for sponsorship reason it was that day.. which show how the magic hands of Mr. Asif pulled out the winners name. if he was magician like david blaine he would have succeeded but poor guy.. ripped off at prime of his game.
one magic trick he was able to pull off at the end.. and i really was amazed was the vanishing act from the channel... bravo.. clap your hands people... so next time you are wishing from something to be won fair and square tv channels.. make sure you have a friend or you know someone like our Asif to pull it off... but do make sure he is really good with hands... and try not to get excited and go to the program and hour ahead...


Monday, October 1, 2007

televisions monopoly in playing music videos in nepal

there are almost 15 active music video directors in nepal working as VJ in different tv channels . They get the privledge to frequently play their own music videos and put them in top चार्ट्स।Hence if someone wants to have a good air play in channel either he/she have to make music videos with one of these directors or they have to make a good relationship with the VJ and producers of the music channels or even brive some money. if any company or an artist have any personal conflits with those VJs or producers, their video gets band. .

wow! all these channels talks about loktantra, freedom of speech and all. but where does these things vanish when it comes to their own internal manner. you can ask any singer or anyone involve in media world, every one knows yet they are silent and afraid.